Touring a French Mega Mansion

Touring a French Mega Mansion, Koga Ahmad built the Palais Venetia, a company owned by Saudi billionaire Mr. Khashoggi and are responsible for such architectural bangers like the villa Marguerite and the villa on Sia, all in France. However, the Palais Venetian is in a class of its own. The architect with sculpted this villa took inspiration from the famous Renaissance architect Palladius finest masterpieces. And it shows I know I would be proud of my body of work inspired this beautiful villa. Now I know what you’re thinking.

Yes, this is a stunning villa with a beautiful view of the can and the majestic deep blue of the Mediterranean next door, but what does this mansion offer? Well, aren’t you glad I read your mind because now we’ll talk about. What cocamide built to justify such a price tag Villa interior?The 32,000 square foot main house is where the architect of this villa went to work.

Simply walking towards the main house will put you

The main building has nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. And it carries on the Renaissance inspiration from the exterior, giving you the feeling. That you’ve walked into a palace straight from Europe’s floating city. There’s also a gym. And we all know you can’t have a gym without a sauna, especially. When you’re charging over $100 million for the property. So, of course, there’s a good steam room on the property if that’s not enough to keep you busy and entertained. There’s also a lovely Winter Garden, a Turkish bath, a beautiful indoor pool. Or, if you want to entertain your guests, you could take them to the stunning nightclub that also comes with the property. The mansion is furnished with an impressive labor new master kitchen so elegantly designed.

You would swear whoever built the thing never planned on anyone cooking there

The kitchen opens to a more casual dining room and flexible seating options. The grand room of the mansion is bathed in some of that sweet natural light throughout the day. And the numerous floor-to-ceiling glass windows don’t just provide you with good lighting perfect for Instagramming your recent meal. And if you think for a second that just because this villa looks like a picturesque landscape lifted straight from the 1500s. That it isn’t outfitted with the latest in high tech home automation. You couldn’t be more wrong without sacrificing any of its styles. The property manages to be fully automated. I’m talking about a central system for controlling the lighting, air conditioning, and music around the house.

Gone are the days of calling for Jeeves to open up the curtains or turn on the AC. Undoubtedly just taking in this villa lets you appreciate its name a lot better. But guess what, if you thought the exterior is just as luxurious as the interior, and congratulations. You probably have a future in real estate Villa exterior. The Palais Venetian isn’t just stately in its exquisite design.

This villa is covered, Touring a French Mega Mansion

It’s some of the most exquisitely terrace ground France has to offer probably and as many outdoor features including a tennis court, three large pools, one of which might as well be a lake at this point. Lots of pool chairs and patio umbrellas and, of course, luxurious gardens because sometimes you get jealous of the attendants doing all the landscaping. In the words of Sotheby’s Realty, the dealers offering up this masterpiece leper live in ECR is a stunning residence inspired by the architecture of Byzantium and Venice. It encompasses a wealth of luxurious amenities, making it the ultimate expression of contemporary refinement. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean, I did, but who’s judging with an exterior this crazy a price tag of $140 million might be starting to make a little bit more sense. But crazy enough, leper Levin ECR is one of the more expensive mansions on the French Riviera, a place chock full of beautiful mansions.

So why is it so expensive? People pay tour guides to see. Yeah, except for all of that. How do they justify such a steep price tag? Why is it so expensive? It’s pretty hard to argue against the fact that the Venetian Palace gives a new meaning to the concept of retro style comfort, and it doesn’t get more retro than the 1500s. Comparing the mansion to another gorgeous masterpiece on the French Riviera Villa along which was the most expensive property in the area back in 2019. Costing $17 million gives you a new appreciation for many Lebanese young. The villa is 3.25 acres large and has a 17,200 square foot mansion sitting inside it, a property with eight bedrooms and bathrooms, a 25-meter swimming pool, a gym, a spa, and a cinema.

Plus, it’s sat right in front of a private beach, Touring a French Mega Mansion

Giving you a beautiful view of the Bay of Cannes Forbes describes. The can and coat as your real estate markets as ticklish Lee inconsistent, meaning. That after purchase, even the savviest of buyers can wind up with surprisingly little for a whole lot of money meaning. But in the extraordinary case of places like this, its worth is universally undeniable, having received lots of praise. When it came on the market and being a popular tourist destination. During the annual Cannes Lions wrap party, Sting gave an intimate performance there. However, I think it’s pretty fair to say LePen labor’s nice young blows 2019 most expensive and acclaimed property, Villa longer long right out of the water.

It’s really not much of a competition couple that with the fact that you’re purchasing a property in Cannes. A trendy destination quite famous for hosting glitzy film festivals and being a year-round hotspot loved by the rich and famous for. Its luxury hotels, gourmet dining and beach culture paying for 11 Nissan isn’t just buying an incredibly sick mansion. Touring a French Mega Mansion.

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Or, if you’re not into leaving the house, you can always stay indoors and listen to everyone else enjoy themselves during one of Canne’s many festivals, and that’s just a tiny bit of what Ken has to offer without going into the surrounding islands either. Suffice to say, purchasing a property on this stretch of land comes with a whole new way of life. Real estate developers are well aware of this and charge accordingly. And that’s how you end up with an amazing Villa costing over $140 million.

In the end, leper labor nice Eon is yet another of the many reasons to visit the French Riviera, plus its pretty good motivation to toss a couple more dollars in that new house fund. I’m sure you’ll reach 100 million in no time. So what do you think about your new dream home is too expensive or perfectly priced? Please let us know in the comments below.

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