Revealing All About The 2011 Audi A1 convertible

There are rumors that Audi is all set to start sales of the new A1 premium compact car by the end of 2010.  Before that all car enthusiast would be happy to know that Audi is all set to launch a mini convertible car before its hard top sibling. It is presumed that Audi is getting geared to unveil the new mini convertible version at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show.

It is expected that the new convertible will sport an automatic fabric roof where the roof will fold away on top of the rear deck and will be neatly stored in the trunk when not in use. This will make enough space for children to be seated in the rear row.

The new convertible will be equipped with the same engines as the A1 hatchback version and is known for their good performance.

The A1 convertible version will be built in Brussels and will be available in different versions like a sport back, hatchback and SUV crossover. Audi has confirmed that they are ready to invest €200 million to prepare for their new A1 range.

Audi has planned production for up to 100,000 A1 models but with the latest technology that is available it is estimated that the company will be able to produce 120,000 units annually.