The Latest Aston Martin

The latest in the Aston Martin group of vehicles is something very beautiful and fascinating in the world. The company brought out a new car the new AM 11 Gen4V12, which is the most powerful in the history of production engines. With a 573 PS. 620 NM of torque this vehicle the Vanquish has the best performance that the company could ever have produced. This is a Super grand car in the sense it gives you what you want.

The engine is very powerful and requires a body of good rigidity and absolutely sharp agility. This is the only material one could use to get this kind of aerospace performance. The beautiful engineering of carbon fibre and the panels within are all built to perfection. This is in fact the most advanced carbon available, produces a great strength weight ration, and ensures that this vehicle is sure to be at the height of engineering expertise.

Technically Vanquish is a lovely combination of style and class and has an interior one could boast of. There is a good state of art infotainment with the system enabling the easiest and the most comfortable vehicle pleasures. The glass buttons are all hand capacitated with the glass buttons allowing you to enjoy the easy facilities.

The driver and passenger usability is enhanced in this new vehicle.   The grand Vanquish now comes with a good lightweight seat as wells a great hand trimmed leather seats. There is a unique carbon fibre weave and the newer seats only allow the Vanquish to show off its sporty appearance. This is a vehicle with a luxurious interior and has a peculiar touch to it, which makes it a memorable vehicle to watch out for. the weight is reduced to around 17 kg an it is an extravagant car that is really a must have for car lovers.