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Inside California Home, Oh, California, the land of the sun, the surf, and the beaches, is also home to Number five 924 Bel Air road $150 million. Aptly named billionaire, this incredibly expensive Bel-Air mega-mansion has had a bit of history in the area. It was initially owned by famous actress and singer Judy Garland back in 1967 and was later acquired by renowned developer Bruce Mycoskie in 2012 for $7.9 million. So how did a house go from 7.9 million to 150 million in about a decade? I mean, the economy isn’t that bad.

Well, Bruce Mycoskie isn’t renowned for nothing. He went to work redesigning this mansion, a process that took four years 250 workers and led to selling it for $150 million. So what did Mycoskie do to earn such a massive asking price? Well, he did quite a lot. Let me tell you; the mansion comes with about $30 million worth of luxury vehicles, 12 cars, and ten motorcycles, including a $15 million Vaughn Krieger 1937 Mercedes, a $2 million Pagani Huayra, and a $260,000 Ferrari 488.

The mansion comes with a mix of classic cars, modern cars, motorcycles

And a helicopter trying to give you your money’s worth with this mansion. Although, to be fair, the aircraft is just a prop, but it does make your roof look mighty cool. The villa also features a four-lane bowling alley, pool tables, foosball tables, and a ping pong table, all custom built-in made of glass. There’s also a massive $2 million screening room in the mansion equipped with 40 handcrafted leather reclining seats, a 22-foot screen, and a great sound system already preloaded with 7000 movies. Plus, it comes with its candy dispenser. And if you still somehow managed to get bored in this mansion, there’s still more on offer.

Hidden behind this pool is one of the giant residential televisions in the world. It’s 30 feet wide and is placed at the end of the pool overlooking the neighborhood, not only providing you with outdoor entertainment but a stunning view as well. Suppose you can pay attention to what’s behind the massive TV number four, the manor $160 million, also known as the Spelling Manor, for SEO reasons. It’s located in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. It was constructed back in 1988 for TV producer Aaron Spelling and is the enormous mansion in the entire Los Angeles County, which explains why they call it the manor, doesn’t it?

The interior of this mansion is quite gorgeous and certainly fit for royalty

These architects must have thought commissioned this building. Its exquisite marble flooring, crystal chandelier. It’s conspicuous grand twin butterfly staircase are the sort of classical design that screams luxury. It’s got a floor area of 56,500 square feet of space, a total of 132 rooms, including 35 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms, and 16 guest rooms. The large master bedroom comes with an equally huge bathroom fully equipped with a soaking tub and a wall-length vanity mirror where you can admire yourself in all your glory after your morning routine of dropping the kids off in the pool. This massive mega-mansion unsurprisingly comes with plenty of amenities as well. We’re talking about a bowling alley, a hair salon, a spa, an in-house movie theater. And it’s very own nightclub on the property.

The mansion was owned by Petra Ecclestone, heiress, and daughter of Formula One racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone. The mansion was on the market for $150 million, making it the most expensive real estate listing in the US at the time. Stick around, though, because trust me, it gets a lot more expensive. Number 367 Beverly Park court $165 million owned by Hungarian American billionaire Steven Umar Halsey. This mansion is also known as Villa Fidanza, named after the capital city of Tuscany because if you can’t live in the Mediterranean, it might as well bring it home to you. This Mediterranean Italian-styled mansion was built in 1998 and is situated on more than five acres of land.

The mansion occupies 28,660 square feet of living space, Inside California Home

It features eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, seeing as a mansion in Beverly Hills. You know it comes with a lot more than just that there were two guest houses on the property. And whole home, a tennis court, Baratos an orchard, and of course, party patios access through its street. This fantastic mansion took over seven years to build Time Well Spent, putting the final touches of luxury on this property. The look of the place alone is almost worth the money. But the high ceilings, large gathering areas, a five-plus acre backyard. The jogging trail surrounding the estate sure are excellent bonuses.

The owner of this mansion, Stephen Umar Halsey, is worth about $4.1 billion. He’s been on the place since the 90s. But now that the children have moved out, he’s looking to move somewhere a bit more modest. I, however, would not recommend the next couple of entries on this list, though—number two Chartwell estate $195 million. Surprise surprise, this one’s had Bel-Air as well. However, this breathtaking piece of architectural history doesn’t just express. The modern luxury of Bellaire but stands as a relic of its luxurious past as well. The Chartwell estate was built way back in 1933 for engineer Lynn Atkinsonand was designed by a prolific architect at summer Spalding.

Over the decades, the mansion has been owned by Arnold Kirkeby and billionaire Jerry Perenco

It even had a roll-on TV back in the 60s; you can’t talk about Bellaire luxury without mentioning the Chartwell estate. So is this estate just as impressive on paper as it is in real life? Well, let’s see. Why don’t we have the Chartwell estate spreads across 10.4 acres of land? The main building in the middle of this estate is an 18th-century. French chateau asked mansion pristine and picturesque enough for French peasants to storm into the mansion spans over 25,000 square feet of space. I mean, the mansion might as well have been built for soirees. It’s got a wine cellar capable of holding 12,000 bottles and not to keep a party going for several weeks.

The property also includes a 5700 square foot guesthouse. That comes fully equipped with two bedrooms and three bathrooms, perfect for the visitors. Who definitely wouldn’t want to leave after stepping into this state. The interior is filled with antique European furniture and designs tying the 18th-century field together. The massive dining room seats 18 people. And feels like a room right out of a historical drama with its antiques and paneled walls dating back to the 1700s.

It was imported from Europe, Inside California Home

There’s a billiard room under the primary residence, an entertainment room, and a stage with a grand piano waiting for a performance legend. The late Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti would often visit the chart will estate perform the rest of the guesthouse. Why? Because the acoustics must have been excellent. It also doubles as the largest mansion not just in the United States but the entire world. It was owned and developed by film producer Naomi AMI. And It took them eight years at 600 workers to finally construct this behemoth of a mansion. The mansion manages to fit on five acres of land in, you guessed it, Bel-Air, because where else it would be? Inside California Home

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