Inside a Los Angeles Mega Mansion

Inside a Los Angeles Mega Mansion, Who doesn’t love to virtually tour the world and look at some of the luxurious locations humanity has to offer? I mean, you’re watching this video, aren’t you? But I must admit, we have a soft spot for California. Very few places can boast the sort of elegance you’ll find in the Hollywood Hills or Bel-Air. So yet again, we returned to the Sunshine State to look at another marvel of modern architecture as we tour a $54 million luxury home built in the Hollywood Hills, about the mansion. Made back in 2080.

The mansion was the love child of six years of tireless work and money. It sits on a 29,000 square foot lot. It’s got five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and 15,000 square feet of interior space. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill luxury mansion, and with a $54 million price tag, it better not be, am I right?

Is it worth the price? Inside a Los Angeles Mega Mansion

Well, that’s because, as I said earlier, this isn’t just your everyday mega-mansion perched atop the hills. But even on the Hollywood Hills, this mansion still stands out what was once the enormous Hollywood Hills mansion on the market, a 20,000 square feet property recently sold for $35 million, with an original asking price of $43.9 million. A price tag like $54 million is nothing to scoff at on these hills. This matching has only been out by a few properties, like Bruno and Chiara Mascolo, a $58 million Hollywood Hills mansion, a 15,000 square foot property with tons of amenities, and a massive pool outback.

An obvious contender for the most expensive Hollywood Hills mansion. I mean, the couple themselves are looking to sell the place because, according to them, now that their children are grown, it’s simply too big. That’s the kind of luxury. The hills are known for. And why King luxury won’t be leaving California alone anytime soon. Where do we even begin? Oh, I know how about the incredibly decked-out master bedroom, the envy of everyone stuck with the guest rooms, and the best part for those lucky guests invited in a wink.

The sheer quality of design, Inside a Los Angeles Mega Mansion

This room holds is enough to pack your bags and move in immediately. The cabinets are all paneled in, giving it a nice seamless look. Hanger’s drawers are expected to be part of the package. But these cabinets come with a washer and dryer as well. You know, for those nights when you have a guest over, and you suddenly need some clean sheets. You know you have two access points to the master bedroom, one from the hallway and one from the closet. The architects were fans of situational humor. Nothing like an awkward coincidence, after all. The bathroom features a free-standing tub position to give you amazing outdoor views as you scrape the grime off yourself.

There’s a water closet and a walk-in shower

The whole bathroom has an open philosophy to its design, not what one would typically want from a bathroom, but they make it work and for the exhibitionist out there. The walk-in shower also features a glass sliding door that opens up to a Juliet balcony, meaning you get the complete outdoor shower experience. And if you’re lucky, someone might even have a camera.

Do you even have to ask? It’s very spacious and has a ton of equipment. You think the whole neighborhood goes there on the weekends, and since we are in the Hollywood Hills, the gym gets its floor-to-ceiling windows for those fantastic views as you pump the iron. Typically we see gyms on the lower levels, guys. It can get a little uncomfortable to hear someone smashing a treadmill on the floor above you. The Home Gym is more of an expansion of the master bedroom, which might have a thing or two to do with the built-in fridge, outdoor pool.

The whole design of this place is begging you to look outside

This massive pool is slightly different from the other enormous pool on the property. This one is both a spa and a pool. We’ll get to the other one later. I’m not done gushing yet to achieve a seamless look and heat separation in the 75-foot pool spa combo. The architect designed a $35,000 glass piece to separate the pools from the spa allowing for effective temperature control, meaning your spa can be up to 104 degrees.

In contrast, your pool sits at a comfortable at I think there might have been a more efficient way to do that. But when you have 35k on hand, I guess outdoor patio. The other pool on the property is located near the outdoor patio. The owner was very adamant about enjoying his outdoor spaces, so he got a deck big enough to host dinners in its even fitted with multiple space heaters for those cold Los Angeles nights.

And for the hot Los Angeles summers. The patio provides uninterrupted views of downtown Los Angeles to the ocean, and nothing gets better with the fantastic views of a hillside property than a substantial infinity-edge pool. The edge of this pool dangles precariously on the side of the mansion, providing an almost death-defying view of Los Angeles. So if you sleepwalk, this probably isn’t the house for you.

The fun doesn’t stop there

On the lower level of this home, you get a bit more of that recreation luxury homes aren’t complete without a wine cellar on this level. That’s much less a cellar and more exquisitely designed Wine Cabinets capable of holding up to 900 bottles of that premium red stuff. Around the corner is the conveniently placed in-house movie theater drinks in a movie, a combo as old as cinema itself. The theater also oozes VIP.

It’s got three-tier seating, wall sconces, the give-up nice theater ambiance, built-in speakers, and very comfortable looking automatically reclining sofas. I’d pay good money to watch movies there. Let me tell you, down the hall past the powder room is a hobby room with a custom-built to scale racetrack. The owner of this mansion is a bit of a Motorhead, and he built his passion for cars right into his mansion garage, which is why down the hall behind the massive steel door is the built-in garage.

We’re talking about a car gallery so spacious. It can easily fit over ten cars. This gallery’s detailing lighting and overall aesthetic quality let you know this room isn’t just for the vehicles to chill in. I mean, there’s even a set of couches in the corner, you know, so you can bring your guests over and flex on them with your unique car collection. Instead of the turntable you find in most subterranean garages that spin your car around for easy entry and exit. Now this garage is built differently literally.

It’s so spacious

There’s a car deck where you can drive in, make your entire turn and drive out. If I wasn’t clear by now, this house is pretty sick. None of it is mundane, from the beautifully hedged greenery of a backyard that houses 40 olive trees all over 150 years old to the spacious guestrooms that feature king-sized beds and fully equipped bathrooms. This home provides you with fantastic uninterrupted views of Hollywood Hills from nearly every part of the mansion. What more could you possibly want? Besides, if you lived here, you might run into Jared Leto. I’m sure we all have a few questions about the Snider cut.

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