Private Bedroom

Private Bedroom, Today we are in Atlanta, Georgia, once again, just like last week at the treehouse, but today we’re taking a tour of this 350 square foot tiny house that could sleep up to four or five people and was featured on HGTV about six years ago. This is an Airbnb plus. So let’s go check this out. If you want to save or book this place, the link is down below, and you can check out Dell’s other listings on the property. They all feel private. If you haven’t checked out last week’s video, go check it out. It is seriously really cool if you like tiny houses or want to experience living in tiny houses. I think this is a great start even though it’s 350 Square feet, a little bit larger than most, you know, tiny, tiny houses.

This is a fantastic design and layout. I think I am only about 15 minutes from the Atlanta airport, one of the largest in the world, you feel like you’re in your little getaway amongst the trees, and the scenery and everything sort of you pull up to the property arrive at urban b&b. And then you check into your tiny house, walk right up to it, and are surrounded by all these trees. It is long gated. There’s a total of three sliding doors on this tiny house, which is incredible. It’s huge. So you walk up this deck, they’ve built a deck around this tiny house, and it goes from one end and the tiny house to the other. Over here on the left side, you have a fire pit out here to enjoy the cold nights. I’m here in January.

It’s pretty cold, Private Bedroom

It’s in the 30s, which I didn’t know Georgia got that cold, but you have a fireplace out here to enjoy and be cozy with, and just the wood on the outside of this tiny house looks good. I love the Caveny cozy vibe with this tiny house and the first door you walk right into the middle sliding door. So you walk right through there. And then you enter into your tiny house. And wow, this is probably one of my favorite layouts of a tiny house I’ve ever seen. There’s even a hallway in this tiny house, which is crazy. And another unique aspect is there’s a pop-out of the first audience. We’ll start here in the kitchen, which you walk into.

And it’s this kind of island in the middle of your tiny house. On this site, you have your cabinets over here. You have this huge sink right here. And then you continue along there’s this huge slab of marble cutting board, it’s a lot heavier than what I thought it’d be. Then you have a hot plate over here to cook anything. Of course, you have your pots and pans underneath all of that for you. And there’s a coffeemaker over here, and then you just got a couple floating shelves over here with some of your dishes. And then on the backside is your fridge and a microwave right on top of that.

You have this cool cabinet to the left of that

I love this rustic barn wood right here, and on the other side of this island is your bar seating and see if three seats right here and plenty of space for you and maybe three or four other guests that you could bring here. We’ll enter into the living room now. And this is where your other sliding door is. So if you want to look out and to wood, If you you have, you can, or you can close these blinds curtains right here and be private. But the best thing I think about this living room is that there’s pop out and this tiny house now pop out is like when RVs whenever you’re driving them, they’re all closed. But when you have parked them, you can have these pop-outs on the side, making the inside a lot larger.

That’s why this tiny house has an insert right here with this couch. And this little pocket right here. Now it looks like it was built this way. But you can probably dismantle some of the wood and close it in if you ever want to take this tiny house somewhere and head out, but I love this feature aspect that makes this place feel a lot larger. And then you have a rocking chair over here. And you have your metal ladder that leads up to your loft area, which is where your first bed is. It is a single bed. And it’s just cool that there’s a loft area for a person to appear, and the couch converts into a sleeper sofa. So you can sleep with a couple of guests here as well.

There are lots of options in this living room, Private Bedroom

As we turn around and head back towards the other half of your tiny house, the sliding rustic door right here is gorgeous. I love this door for the bathroom, we can slide it right behind the fridge, and you enter into your bathroom. There’s a composting toilet right in front of you. Over here on the left, you have your tiny house sink, what I call them because they’re just so tiny. And then on the right is your shower space. I love the tiling, and here are these mini subway tiles. And on the bottom is on closed right here. I like this better than whatever. It’s just kind of a flat spot for your shower

Base. But this is like a mini bathtub. I don’t think you’d ever use us about the tub. That’s kind of what it feels like. We’ll exit out of that and then go around your fridge. And now we’re going to enter into your hallway. This hallway leads back to your master bedroom. So your master bedroom is way more private than the rest of your home. You have another sliding door, and you’re actually if you want to walk out from your bed into your deck and look at the sunrise, or you can close these up. You have a queen-sized bed in here. There is a separate heating unit here away from the living room because that is so far away. So it’s nice to have So with everything, but this tiny house has to offer three sliding doors, a hallway, a pop out and the living room 350 square feet and maybe four or five guests that it could sleep up to.

This is my favorite layout for a tiny home that feels way larger than it is

And there’s even storage space up in the lofts like going above the bathroom you might have noticed there’s this vast open space that could be converted into another sleeping loft area, I’m sure, or can just be used storage, and that’s also the same case for in the bedroom this little door opens up, and there’s more storage up there. This air b&b has been up for many, many years. As I said, it is a plus unit, so I can guarantee it will be a good stay. I hope to watch my videos of tiny houses. It boosts your morale of staying in a small house or wanting to experience it yourself with a lot less clutter a lot less materialistic things.

I love it a lot because you don’t have anywhere to put them. You have to get rid of one. Maybe I will be building an Airbnb soon and cozy, luxurious Woods. Who knows, that’s what my dream is. There is something cool right behind this tiny house. So let’s go head over there and see what that is. This is a 1950 Spartan. It is one of one because it is actually on wheels. Whoever had this before cutting out the bottom and putting on wheels is typically like an Airstream type of deal where it has to be towed. Private Bedroom.

this is one of one in the entire world

Darrell, the owner, will be suspending this thing up in the trees and making it an Airbnb with a platform around it. It’s going to be super cool. So check out his other properties, and maybe I’ll be back to tour this place if you guys think it’s cool. And when we talk, I think it’s cool. Anyway, if you’re ever in Atlanta, come check out this place. Darrell is an excellent host. Super cool. So guys, thank you for watching this video. Give some homies merch, and I hope you’re enjoying this New Year. I’ll see you guys next week. Private Bedroom.

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