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Sun Country Digs Airbnb, This week, we are staying with the same hosts. They have another cabin called the sun country digs, which is this beautiful black Kevin behind me with a modern interior and just a tremendous all-around layout of an Airbnb. Today we are in clay Illume, Washington, the Pacific Northwest, the beautiful area, and it is sunny today, a great day for an Airbnb tour video. So if you want to book this place, the link is down below. I highly suggest that these hosts are fantastic. And their branding is excellent as well.

So I highly recommend checking that out. And if you’re ever in the area, it’s about an hour and a half from Seattle. So if you want to get away from the city, or you will just come to check out Washington, this is the spot, so along with tour this, Kevin can sleep up to eight guests, which is pretty cool might not look like that on the outside. But on the inside, they use this space very well. The layout is lovely in it feels small, but it feels enormous at the same time. But anyway, whenever you arrive at your property, you pull up your driveway, and you can see the beautiful black cabin right in front of you.

We could take a step off to the left, and now this is your outdoor area

You have a fire pit out here that is propane, and you can use this at any time, and it’s so easy because you don’t have to use any wood and sit out here and sit around the fire among the trees that surround the property as well. And then there’s a picnic table out here as well. It is beautiful black color. I love how they design the outside of the black wood and just all the trimming around it, and it just looks phenomenal, and even with all the lighting, all the light fixtures everywhere. This is just one of my favorite styles of cabins is probably what I would want to do with my build have the hub blacked out. It looks so great.

Then you have your covered porch, which is a big wood slab as a bench, but we’ll get inside here in a second. Let’s take a step around the back. And this is where your hot tub is that you have a fenced-in area, the same black wood which is excellent. And then you have your vast hot tub right here with the grill right next to that, so this completes your outdoor area, and even though there are other houses around, the spot feels private, and this all feels personal just because of all the fencing and trees everywhere. So that is an excellent perk to the step.

Anyway, now let’s take action on the inside and check out what this place has to offer

This place may look small visually because I can see everything from one viewpoint, but I think the layout is superb. They made it feel tremendous, and having eight guests here would be very, very doable without being too cluttered with each other. So I think this is a great space, and you can see they kept a green theme with this house. But anyway, you have your kitchen over here on this right side. This is all green and white and gold which looks reasonable. You have the green cabinets, the beautiful white countertops and the matching backsplash to this, and the gold accents with all the handles, and even the sink faucet.

It just looks lovely and then continued along with the cabinets on this back wall. You have a built-in oven right here. I think the brand Bosch is how you say it is the brand new use for all the appliances. Which is an excellent brand, so it looks beautiful. And then above that, you have a place to cook some meals that which is fantastic. And then your fridge over here. This is a full-size fridge, but it’s pretty skinny. I like how it looks and fits in with this kitchen, and then the last appliance is on the other side. It’s a hidden mini dishwasher.

This is an excellent Tiny House dishwasher, Sun Country Digs Airbnb

I think it’s secret, and it’s so tiny and compact, and it just functions very nicely with this kitchen and then. On the other side of this is your island continuing with the beautiful white countertop. You have a waterfall countertop on this side. Still, I think they used the area well because it doesn’t feel tiny, but you can sit six people here, so for us, them with this beautiful kitchen and your living space across from this. This is a cozy living space because all three walls surround you. Then the kitchen behind you, so you just tucked away to make it even more comfortable. Or you have a fireplace over here and the corner.

Hence, your couch. You have a couple of other seats on this wall and then your TV to watch some movies. And, of course, the fireplace with all of that. This makes this spot very, very cozy. And as we walk out of that we can check out what else is on this main floor of a stand right here with some games spent . I played chess, we love playing chess. We also really enjoyed the Netflix show Queens game if you haven’t seen that I highly suggest checking that out.

Anyway, the first door on the right is your bathroom space


This is a large bathroom. When you walk in, they keep the same design with the green cabinets on the white top. There’s enormous vanity on your left with a massive mirror right above it. And then behind that is your tiled bathtub and shower combo. The bathtub is a beautiful addition, but the vast tiles here look great if you could look at my hand right up against them. These are concrete subway tiles, and I love that design. Even with the black faucet and accents, it looks great in here. They even have their own branded shampoo and body wash which is fantastic. It just adds to the luxury of the space.

And then there’s also your washer and dryer behind the door and this bathroom, so that is included. We’ll take a step out of that, and can you continue down the rest of this hallway? The last two doors are additional bedrooms. The first one on the right is just a minimalist bedroom, so you have your bed here in the middle. You got a mirrored nightstand on this right side, and this is just a practical bedroom, and this one has a closet next to the bed over here. So plenty of closet space in this one to take a step out and go check out the next one. It’s the same thing just reversed on this side, but this one does have closet space, so be sure to claim the other bedroom if you need some closet space.

So that is all of the main level and the space, Sun Country Digs Airbnb

We have the vast foyer area where you can see all the stairs and up into the loft area. Which we’ll go check that out. Now we’ll walk up the steps, and on this left side. You have this massive wall that is, I believe, wallpaper. Still, it doesn’t look or feel like wallpaper it’s this excellent design on this wall that is also green, so it matches with the theme of the song, and once you make it upstairs, the room on the right is your loft space you have two substantial beanbag chairs here and a TV. You can watch a movie up here or play video games or whatever. It’s a lovely spot.

The door off of this area is an additional bathroom for the upstairs, and I like this one a lot. The first thing right in front of you is your tiled walk-in shower. It looks perfect, I think, and then your vanity over here on the left and the toilet in the back. So this is the bathroom for the upstairs. Looks phenomenal. We’ll take a step out of that. And the last bedroom up here is your main bedroom outside, but it is a unique walk-in, and you have your king bed along with two additional beds above it. You have this big king bed on the bottom right here, some nightstands on each side, and then there are two extra beds right above that.

You can climb this ladder, and there are twin beds on each side

So this is how you can sleep eight guests in this place. But this is a unique layout. This adds to the fun of high standard and Airbnb and going on vacation or checking out something new and extraordinary. This looks cool whatever you walk in, and the kids or even whoever will love this. So that is the tour of the Sun country digs Airbnb cabin somehow this is just coming here. Supposedly this town has the best pizza ever. Sun Country Digs Airbnb.

People from Seattle drive out here to come to check out their pizza which is an hour and a half away. So Savannah and I went there and checked it out, and it was good pizza. I’m going to have to leave it up to you guys to get it yourself. So apparently a trendy pizza spot in this area. That’s what we did. Come check out this day, guys. Thank you for watching this video. I’ll see you next week on another Airbnb tour.

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