The Lux Tiny House Tour

The Lux Tiny House
The Lux Tiny House

The Lux Tiny House Tour, Welcome to the Lux Tiny House. This spot is seriously amazing, a 32-foot long tiny house on wheels. Let’s go check this place out today. We are in Berlin, Ohio, in the heart of the biggest Amish population in the US. If you have not experienced Amish country, it is a seriously cool place to visit. More than that, at the end of this video, though, we’re about 90 minutes from Columbus and Cleveland at Tiny stays Berlin. There are two tiny houses you can check out here, the skandi and the Lux. It’s a good thing I bring my every time we buy says tiny take a drink mug. Yeah, that clever comment I’ve seen about 100 times I decided to make it into real life. Isn’t that cool? which is this beautiful 32-foot long tiny house on wheels.

Legit is the biggest Tiny House home wheels I’ve ever seen. Assuming it’s eight feet wide like every other tiny home on wheels is a container home, that would be 256 square feet of living space. Plus a loft. The butterfly roof is a neat touch to the design as well as the gorgeous exterior design. The two-tone color palette of white and brown wood is very eye appealing, and its geometry is all. This tiny house has a deck that spans across the entire length of it. And this hides the fact that it’s on wheels which are nice and add more space to do things since the square footage is limited. Huge bonus there’s a fire pit at the end along with a privacy fence.

The host did a great job separating the two, The Lux Tiny House Tour

There are even different walking paths to each other, so you can never bump into the neighbors if you don’t want to. If you want to book the spot or even the other tiny house, head to the link down in my bio to check them. Let’s walk down the path and up on the deck and walk inside to check out this tiny house. The hosts designed all of this themselves. The layout is like no other, and the amenities are superior to anywhere I’ve been for a tiny house. Starting, the ceilings are 12 feet high, which makes us feel so much larger. The windows everywhere let in light, which helps make the tiny house more spacious feeling the left side has your kitchen and living area.

The kitchen has several cabinets along with a full-size fridge and microwave. You have a stovetop as well as plenty of countertop space on this nicely done aluminum-looking top. This, paired with the blue cabinets and gold accents, looks a great cross from your dining table area against this huge window perfect for eating or working. They’ll leave some baked goods for you, which is a nice touch. Next to this is a cool coffee bar area. The angles and textures are fun with a diagonal board and batten wall and the X-shaped legs for the counter. So cool if you ask me they also provide local coffee everything you would need hereafter your living room area. It’s a unique setup with two sitting chairs at the bottom and a couch on a raised platform. It looks very cool.

There’s a bookshelf under the platform and storage in the steps

The railing design is spot on with how I did it. The couch up here overlooks your tiny house, and you may be wondering why it’s propped up here like this well, hidden in the ceiling is a 90-inch projector that lowers where you can watch anything on your 4k projector. How cool is this? I love seeing how creative people can be with their homes, and I think this is so much fun. But this is even the best part of the tiny house. I don’t think let’s walk on the other side and check out the bathroom and bedroom. The sliding door opens to your bathroom, and oh my goodness, this bathroom is where it’s at.

This has to be the largest and best bathroom for a tiny house. I have seen in here there’s a giant Jacuzzi bathtub with beautiful blue tiling, this Mir, and a waterfall showerhead all under the skylight. This is a very cool bathroom setup. You have a towel warmer over here as well, and there’s just plenty of space to get ready in here. You can even do your laundry here with your washer dryer combo. This is my favorite bathroom I’ve seen in a tiny house so cool we can step out of here and walk up the steps with the same cool handrail I’ll design and enter into your loft bedroom. This sits above your bathroom. And it’s a cozy spot; your bed is perched up here. So you can lower this guardrail like this, take the built-in, step out and hop up in the bed.

Can this tiny house get any cooler? The Lux Tiny House Tour

You can, of course, close this and all the other windows up here for a total blackout. Lastly, there’s a clause up here behind the store if you thought there couldn’t be more to fit up here. I would highly suggest this, and even the handrail design and the fact that the projector is hidden in the ceiling. It’s just those small details. I think that matters along with your stay. The hosts wanted this tiny house to be where couples come and spend some great quality time together. And I would agree with them. This is a great spot. With all of that, this is your 32 foot long, tiny house on wheels, the Lux. This is probably my new favorite tiny house I’ve shown on this channel.

And if you agree, let me know in your comments. Mine was the bathroom. This is located in an elegant town where all the Amish community life as well. So there are so many delicious restaurants and antique shops. A lot of the restaurants are all local ingredients locally grown as well. So that is a huge plus, and it seems like people know how to cook and prepare food here because it tastes just absolutely incredible. There is a farm tour where you look and take a wagon across the farm and check out animals. This is Savannah, and I did this. He loved it ourselves, but I’m sure if you have kids, they would love it too. The Lux Tiny House Tour.

I’m not sure if you’d be here with kids, though

But if you’re just a couple Savannah and I absolutely love this and do it again. So I would suggest that we’ll be touring their other tiny house, the Scandi, which is a different design next week compared to this one. I think you guys liked that one alive. He liked this one, especially since this one was just absolutely incredible. I’ll see you next week at the other tiny house. If you are a fan of beef jerky. Well, I have the perfect place for you, Paul Paul’s jerky.

The link is below their veteran-owned and operated beef jerky business. You can do weekly subscriptions or monthly subscriptions, and they have tons of different flavors. And this is perfect for Airbnb hosts or just beef jerky lovers. You can always have a constant supply. It is perfect. I highly suggest it. So many to choose from. We have a new baby on board. Check out the baby birth blog on our second YouTube channel. Anyway, thank you guys for watching this video. I’ll see you next week.

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