Modern Mansion in Southern Florida!

Modern Mansion
Modern Mansion

Modern Mansion in Southern Florida, Welcome to Boca Raton, where we take you on a tour of this waterfront estate built by ESRD building Corp and stunning interior design by P and H interiors. Royal Palm properties represent you. This wonderful home features four bedrooms, six bathrooms and has just under 8000 square feet of living space. Let’s make our way through the custom glass door into this luxurious modern home. The tranquil atrium foyer features two-story floor-to-ceiling glass walls with recessed motorized window shades, which quickly converts the house from the light field and opens to private and warm within seconds.

So right when I entered, the first thing that I noticed and loved was that you were surrounded by glassNot only that, you’ve got two beautiful fireballs right beside you. But more importantly, this leads you into this unbelievable great room. The open concept rate room features custom backlit columns, linear diffusers, and 47 inch imported porcelain tiles which run throughout the whole first level as entered into the room. I mean, there’s a fantastic day in Florida.

I want to spend it right adjacent to the great room is this European-style gourmet kitchen. This remarkable kitchen features flat slab walnut cabinets, stainless steel Wolf appliances, a subzero fridge and freezers, two Bosch dishwashers, and enough space for all your family and friends off the kitchen. The elegant dining room with seating for 10 overlooks a tropical resort-style backyard. So right when I entered the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was this massive Island. You’ve got these beautiful Calcutta porcelain tops. And then adjacent to that, you’ve got an additional prep area with that pitcher window looking out just above the sink.

I mean, this is a place to entertain, Modern Mansion in Southern Florida

This is obviously
This is obviously

Now we’re heading behind the kitchen where you’ve got your walk-in pantry. This is obviously where you put that mac and cheese and maybe some cinnamon toast crunch. And then into this room, we’ve got your first-floor laundry room, Electrolux washer and dryer, custom cabinets above, and then even have engineered quartz countertops. So this is strong stuff back in. Here’s your powder room, this beautiful floating vanity, and it even has a floating toilet. I mean, who doesn’t want to float while they’re sitting. Then past the pantry, you’ve got this storage closet that leads you directly into your two-car garage. As we make our way past the foyer and the grading room, we come over to this corner of the home, and you’ve got yourself another one-car garage with parking for your golf cart.

But also this excellent elevator with a see-through glass window to the outside. To my left, you’ve got yourself the office and study. This room features is beautiful glass smoked wall and also a sliding barn door making your way inside. You got this unbelievable high gloss veneer finish on the custom cabinets. I mean, it sets a tone where it’s got a nice warm feel to it. This is a great space to get some work done. But when you want to entertain, you got to make your way over to the club room. Now no Royal Palm home is complete without a club room. So it’s no question this is the entertainment hub home

You’ve got yourself that pool table behind me, Modern Mansion in Southern Florida

But if this was my space, and I’m not talking about my space, that social network back in the day, but I’m saying if this were my space, I’d probably sit right there on that couch, watch a movie or a show and kick back and relax. When the friends come over, we want to have a glass of wine. You probably want to do it right here at this custom bar. The custom-designed web Bar features a subzero refrigerator icemaker and a glass-enclosed wine room with cable racks to hold 546 bottles of wine. Adjacent to the wine room is the cabana banner with access to the pool and backyard area. So a couple of things that I like about this bar are this floating shelf and views of the backyard and pool area. But more importantly, you’ve got this enclosed temperature-controlled wine rack, and that’s pretty cool. Modern Mansion in Southern Florida

So after a couple of drinks at the bar, maybe you’re feeling a little bit shaky

As we make our way to the second level, the center spine stainless steel staircase with oak treads, smoked glass railings act like an art piece that leads you directly to your bedroom. So right when you get to the top of the stairs, you’ve got this expanse of locked area that serves as a sort of living space for all the bedrooms. You’ve also got this balcony that overlooks the backyard. If somebody is making a little bit of noise, you probably won’t hear them.

This bedroom features a private balcony overlooking the front of the home and has a walking closet and a beautiful ensuite bathroom. Next to the bedroom is the second-floor laundry room which features custom cabinets, an Electrolux washer and dryer, and a convenient drip dry area. So now we’re going to make our way to the second bedroom. You’ve got that beautiful chandelier above the foyer and actually inside this room. But the storage closet which has the air conditioner above. So what they do is they put it up there and not inside the home itself so that it stays nice and quiet. Now let’s make our way to the second bedroom. So now we’re leaving the second bedroom, and we’ll head to the third bedroom upstairs.

This one faces the backyard of the home with pool views and water views

This is the largest of the three bedrooms featuring a custom work desk, a large walking closet, a sleek bathroom with a shower that features two picture windows, large vanity with double sinks, and a perfect spot to do your makeup. So now we’re leaving the third bedroom on the second floor. You’ve got yourself that patio to the left of me. But right through these double doors is your master suite. The master suite features a custom upholstered bed wall, an inviting seating area with a linear fireplace, and a private balcony overlooking the backyard waterway with sliding glass doors. This balcony is also fitted with linear drains to help keep it dry when it rains.

So when I first saw this master bedroom, the first thing I noticed, of course, was this private patio with the views of the waterway in your backyard. But also, you’ve got this warm custom upholstered wall right behind your bed. I mean, this thing is unbelievable. Now let’s make our way to this luxurious master bath. The private water closets in an elegant soaking tub round out the center of the space. Additional features include a stunning morning bar with custom high gloss floating cabinets, white porcelain counters, separate vanities, and huge His and her walk-in closets. So it’s no question that this is the centerpiece of this master bathroom.

Now let’s make our way over to her side of the closet

This nice seating area
This nice seating area

A couple of things I like about this is that you get this nice seating area. But also, if you look at the racks, you’ve got lights under here, so like all your clothes would be lit up. Let’s make our way downstairs because we got to check out the backyard and pool, so elevators on that corner again. Yes, right. Come on with me. This is exciting. Come on in. Let me close this door. Then you would think I would have to pull on that button. I press the button. Almost do watch this. Magic. This is the front of the home. So I said it was like glass on the outside you can see inside outside. Modern Mansion in Southern Florida. This is cool.

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