Modern Cabin on the River

Modern Cabin on the River, Welcome to the dry Brook cabin, which is right along the dry Brook river. You can probably hear it. It is beautiful. The trees are beautiful here in this cabin Scandinavian inspired, and it’s lovely as well. Let’s go check this place out today. We are located in Arc Ville, New York, which is such a beautiful spot to be. It’s only two hours and 45 minutes from New York City, so not too far at all to get away and stay at a serene spot has tucked right on the dry Brook River, which contrary to its name, is not dry because a lot of water flowing here actually, this Airbnb is private as well and surrounded by the nature that the Catskills region has to offer.

We are here in the fall clearly, and the trees all around are changing colors to orange, red, and yellow, and the mountains and hills around you are covered in them. It dawned on me while I was staying here that the trees’ changing colors are a pretty rare thing. Overall on the entire world. Nowhere in the tropical regions has this happened. So if you’ve never experienced fall foliage, New York is a perfect spot. And even better yet, this cabin is beautiful here, especially at this capacity that the colors are so vibrant. So if you want to book this cabin, the link is down below to check it out any time.

That is a great spot, Modern Cabin on the River

I highly suggest it’s on Airbnb. Anyway, the dry Brook cabin was designed by the hosts themselves and built by local contractors and was inspired by the Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. The host’s goal was to create a space that gives you the comfort of modern living yet not to keep you inside but to be a part of the surrounding landscape that might be tough because interiors are just as incredible. If you asked me, let’s go inside and check this place out. When you walked inside, you were immediately in your for your area. In here, there’s some closet space to your right that is seamless to the wall. Here you can store your stuff or even hang your clothes on these hangers.

There’s also a full-length mirror which is very convenient. Around this, there are several spots to walk into two doors and even some stairs. We will first go through the door on the left that walks you into your main living space. This space is vast, with an open floor plan and cathedral ceilings. I mean, it’s beautiful from every angle you look. It’s amazing. The wood everywhere really makes this cabin feel cozy, and there are only natural and earthy tones in here, which I am all for. This left side has a couple of seats and a fireplace. You can’t call a cabin a cabin without a fireplace. So this is perfect. It’s a real wood-burning fireplace as well. So the smell is excellent, and there’s just something about burning natural wood that nothing can compare. Modern Cabin on the River

It also serves as a spot to heat your water and this tea kettle, Modern Cabin on the River


Continuing along this wall, there’s an ample light that overhangs over this chair, perfect for reading and drinking some tea or coffee. There’s also a guitar on this wall that is next to your couch. This couch aesthetic fits right in with is Kevin and is very deep. The deep couch is comfy if you ask me and, of course, your coffee table with some Kevin books on it. If you’re looking for books to put on your coffee table, then I suggest alabaster Bibles. Alabaster combines beautiful imagery and thoughtful design into each book of the Bible. I have a vast collection myself because I think they’re so beautiful and calm. I love reading them. And the images correlate to what you’re reading the theme.

They also serve as a great decor piece like your coffee table on your nightstand or even your bookshelf. And one bonus is that everybody that’s come over to visit my house. I always pick these up because they’re so neat and just unique. And I think that is a great way also to use these Bibles. So they have a ton of books to choose from. They have collections of hardcover, and softcover and the Christmas season is right around the corner. These are perfect gifts. I have gifted these several times. Give them now before Christmas, and let’s get along with the tour.

Next, the kitchen is behind this, and it spans across this wall with a grey bean theme color for it

The backsplash is this gray stone that matches the gray countertop and cabinets, all very sleek looking. The cabinets below have your dishwasher needs and the cabinets, overtop the counter, back to below the counter. There’s a mini-fridge and a dishwasher on the side as well as a Mini range in microwave on the other side. And yes, there is coffee with creamer provided here as well. This is my favorite, so I always look, and I’m glad to see that I can enjoy some here. Above your kitchen is a wooden slab wall that has the loft behind it.

The door next to this kitchen is a bedroom, and here’s a simple layout with your bed in the middle, lights in nightstands on each side in generously sized window, and a cabinet for you to store your stuff simple and to the point in here but it looks nice. Let’s head back around to the entrance and walk up to the loft. Now the stairs are very steep and don’t take much room at all. Climb up here, and you’ll walk into the second bedroom. The wooden vaulted ceiling makes the space even more intimate I’d say there’s the bed tucked up against this wall underneath the skylight which is nice. There’s a nightstand and a light right next to it and a bookshelf, and there are also seating options all around. This law space is also carpeted.

So overall, I’m enjoying this loft space, and it fits well

Now we can walk back down the ladder and into the last base of this home, the bathroom. This bathroom is pretty significant for the overall size of this cabin. The left has the toilet, this wooden shelf that goes along the entire wall, then your vanity right in the middle. The walls match the tiled flooring for a seamless, sleek design in here, and around the corner is your shower space with the same tiling there’s eucalyptus leaf hanging in here for a great smell and just an overall nice shower that is everything inside the dry Brook Kevin, and the interior design is on point. If we go back into the living room, the Sliding doors lead to your outdoor space. There’s a lot of beauty out there. So let’s go and check it out. Modern Cabin on the River.

When you walk out here, you have the entire back porch area to enjoy. This is a vast decked-out space which I love outdoor spaces so much. This left side has a couple of chairs to sit at and enjoy this property’s view. It is open, and as you can see in the very end, there’s an opening to the river, which we’ll get to here in a second. Still, as beautiful as sitting out here, there are flowers on this site, and on the other side, you have a picnic table that matches your cabinets black and some more beautiful views who take a step down from the actions of the deck couldn’t take a look at the back of the cabin. It is just as beautiful as everything else.

The black wood siding is probably my favorite style of siding for a home and a place

It is just so gorgeous, and even on the front, all the windows and the black would look amazing. If we walk down to the trees where there is a small kid swing set which is perfect for us then and I because we bring Weston along with us, which is our newborn, and he was a little bit too small for this. Still, we tried it out and had him swing in this, and he is so cute and little swing, so this was fine, and then we can continue walking down to the fire pit area. Here are a couple of chairs, and you can sit here and enjoy a fire right along the dry Brook river.

Here you have beautiful views of the river flowing right in front of you. It sounds incredible. I think I could honestly live here if this were my property, so I highly suggest checking this place out, guys. So that is that, and all the words I say in these videos are my own words. I do not get paid to say anything I genuinely tell you about my experience here, so with that being said, it is getting a little bit darker out here. I’m going to head inside to eat some dinner, and I’ll see you guys next week in another Airbnb tour.

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