INSIDE a $10,000,000 NYC Penthouse

NYC Penthouse
NYC Penthouse

NYC Penthouse, What’s up, everybody? It’s NS here. Welcome to another episode. This week we’re in the West health neighborhood of Manhattan and about the tour duplex penthouse located in this building right behind me. Now the specs on the unit, we got three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 3165 square feet of interior space, and this property are currently marketed as an off-market listing for 10 million dollars. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description. And before we start our tour, I want to thank the listing agent Leonard Steinberg and his team for allowing us to tour their fantastic listing. Now, let’s begin.

Alright, everyone, so the elevator opens up to the first floor of this unit. We have all three bedrooms on this level, kitchen, and the living room area. We’re going to take this hallway first where we have the first bedroom as we come in. This is where we have the built-in closets right across is where we have the bathroom offset pattern marble walls. We have a nice soaker tub on this side. And I like how they clad the front of the tub with the marble floating vanity design. And as we go back in the summer, we have the first bedroom, we get this excellent size window looking towards the views, and Mikey, let’s go outside actually to the patio.

We are looking towards the Hudson River and surrounding areas

That’s the famous Hudson Yard development. We’re going to talk about that later. Overall great outdoor space and Mikey. Actually, why don’t you go inside first? I want to show this detail. So you get the city noise but check this out. Once you lock it in, is that silent, totally silent. Really. Nice.That’s right. Now let’s go back to the main hallway. And as we are here, we have the old hardwood floors in a chevron pattern. And the second All right here is where we had the double bedroom. Again, we have the hallway closets. In right here, just like the other bathroom. We get the full marble floors, marble walls, floating vanity design. NYC Penthouse

This one gets a walk-in shower setup. And this is what we have the bedroom currently staged as a bit of a seating area. And each one of these bedrooms, they all get adorable. Now let’s go back to the hallway. And right across, by the way, this is the circus that is going up to the second floor. Are you ready for a surprise, Mikey? Yeah. Tristana. Oh, I need to get a shot of that. I didn’t even know that was there. There you go. It’s an excellent convenient to have something unique and continue to the hallway. It’s another spacious room. We got all these windows bringing natural light.

We have the same oak hardwood floors in this room, NYC Penthouse

And let’s start with the kitchen. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a cabinet face like this, which is neat. And we have the bar sitting on this side, marble countertops, your pantry setup. Panels fit in freezer drawers. So you have the double design here. And as we look at the cabinetry, they maximize the space by pushing up the upper cabinets to the ceiling. It’s a timeless design and goes well with this unit. Yeah, those always look good. They always look good, right, more cabinets on this site. And this is where we have the whole Windows setup. And right behind Mikey, we have the dishwasher here main thing, and a beautiful island setup. As we continue, we have all these windows bringing natural light in. But Mikey, Let’s get real close-up quick.

You can only open up these windows so much due to safety reasons, but you still get your ventilation. We have two more of these windows on this side. And this is the family room, you know, right next to the kitchen but the current owners stay this room has been over like a dining and seating area. We have these great light fixtures or Bolander attached to the ceiling and then the one right here and right behind this painting. We have all these built-ins to kind of compliment this space. Overall it’s a good-sized room that gets a lot of natural light and a great space entertained. Now we’re going back to the hallway because we’re going to tour the primary bedroom, which is right here. So we have this Door opening up to the suite.

Right here, we have a 72 square foot walking closet

This Door opens
This Door opens

Unfortunately, we cannot show that because the owner still has their items in there. But this Door opens up to the primary bathroom. We have the double vanity setup on this side with marble countertops, LED-lit medicine cabinets that are nicely flushed into the wall. Now we go this way. And this is where we have the primary bedroom. We have the chandelier above molding details and two sets of windows looking towards the views from your bed. You can see the Hudson River. Overall it’s a good size primary bedroom. And that wraps our tour for the first floor. Now let’s take the stairs so we can check out the second floor.

Here we are on the second floor. We have this fantastic living area over here. And14-foot ceilings, glass panels bring so much natural light in. Also, we have incredible views. First thing I want to mention. So we have the fixed panels on the bottom. We have these cantilever windows above that open up and bring ventilation to the space. We have a wood-burning fireplace, and of course the incredible views. And from this corner, you can see the Hudson River. On this side, we have the Hudson Yards development.

And Mikey, why don’t you come to this site? NYC Penthouse

You can get a view of the Empire State Building from here. Yeah, it’s fantastic. And you could get a little peek of it in the primary bedroom, but not quite like this. Great. Overall, it’s a great space. And also, this whole closed-off section is complemented by a patio space, which we’re going to turn in a bit as we continue the same old hardwood floors also here. This is the elevator access for this level so that you can come up straight here as well. And this side of the second floor is where we have a little bit of a seating area. Again another beautiful chandelier. Overall it’s a great space. I love all these glass walls, kind of natural light coming in.

And this space is actually complemented with a section right here where we get a paneled fridge, a small sink, and even an induction with plenty of storage. And right here, we get a powder room with a fabricated thing set up right here. Now, let’s go outside and check out that perfect patio space. I guess we start on this side first, come on out. So it’s scarce to have an author Space in New York City. And not only this unit has an outdoor space, but it also has a very spacious one. We get all this beautiful landscaping.

You have all your outdoor lounging area seating area

This in New York City
This in New York City

And as we continue, we have a more outdoor seating area on this site. NYC Penthouse, You get a wood-burning fireplace, and Mikey, can we pin it up to the ceiling. I liked this cantilever detail with the exposed concrete finish. I think they did a little bit of a stucco touch as well. Overall, it looks very cool and modern. And this overhang design gives weather protection to the second floor. Now let’s continue our tour. From here, we can see the Hudson River and the famous 20 acres $25 billion Hudson Yards development on this site and the iconic Empire State Building. You rarely get other spaces like this in New York City.

Alright, guys, that’s it for the tour. Now before we end this video, I would like to summarize my thoughts on this penthouse. The second floor of this unit is exceptional. We have all these glass walls opening up this substantial private patio space. And while we’re up here, I mean, check out these incredible views. Again, we have the Hudson Yards development right in front of us and the iconic empire state building on this site. I hope everybody enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to give us a like if you have any questions or input. Before we in this video. I want to thank Leonard Steinberg and his team for allowing us to do fantastic listening. NYC Penthouse.

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