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Guest Tiny House on the Water, Today we are on Lake fort Loudoun, with my three sons, outdoor adventures on their brand new houseboat. This is a tiny house on the water that you can experience and be out on the water with a fully self-sufficient house. It’s a small house on the water. It’s pretty incredible if you ask me, and the interior is stunning. And it’s exciting how this operates, which we’ll get to in this video because I’m giving you a tour of this place today, and if you end up liking it, then you can head down to the link in my description.

And you can book this place yourself, which I would highly suggest if you enjoy anything water-related or outdoor-related or tiny house-related. Real quick This video is sponsored by mud water is a coffee alternative with four adaptogenic mushrooms and Ayurvedic herbs. With 1/7 of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, you get energy and can drink mud all day without impacting your sleep. They sent me their starter kit, which includes this tin with 30 servings of earth, which is very nice to have. And they’re impressively excellent frother and also a free sample of their vegan coconut creamer.

I like to add nothing because I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste of this

Tiny House
Tiny House

I can drink it without adding anything to it. But adding honey is also very delicious to add to this as well. If this all sounds neat to you, I was very intrigued myself with this. You can try it today with 15% off their starter kit, just like the one I got by clicking the link down in the description and using code Levi Kelly, again for 15% off the starter kit. Now let’s head back to the tour. So once you book this spot, you come down to one of the marinas that they have this boat dock that and the hosts will help you load everything you need to bring on here. I suggest bringing some food and anything you need for a couple of day adventures out on the water.

This lake was huge the entire time I was here. Nobody drove past us or even came into the code that we’re at. So it’s been a private adventure, which has been incredible. It’s like the next level of peacefulness, but you’ll get to your spot, and then they will anchor you wherever you want. And then they’ll leave you, and then it’s here for you for a couple of days. Now, if you’re going to drive the boat yourself, you could move the ship somewhere else. If you’d like to go fishing or want to check out more of the lake, you’re more than welcome to drive the boat.

I enjoyed it, and I don’t consider myself a boat person, but this is very fun

Now along with the tour, it’s a giant pontoon boat that is a tiny house on the water and the front you have your deck, and then you have an upper-level deck on the bottom part you have your captain seat, I would say because this is where you drag the boats. Of course, everything here is what you need. It even has a fantastic garden because it shows you the depth of the water below you. It has a fish finder on it, and it has a map so you can see where you can drive to, which is pretty neat. And then you have some couple chairs out here as well and a ladder that leads up to your second level.

When you climb up here, you have a couple of see options, but the main thing appears they store your paddleboards up here. So these paddleboards are cool. You can throw them in the water they provide, of course, the paddles for you, and you’re made to stand up on these paddleboards, and you can go wherever you want to explore more, just yourself, so it’s a lot easier to go exploring if you wish to and these are serious. Fine, my wife and I enjoyed these a lot. They’re entertaining to have on this houseboat. Guest Tiny House on the Water.

Alex, so unathletic right now and appear is also a waterslide

Up here on your tiny houseboat, you can turn on the switch and have the water flowing. And you can slide right down the slider and into the water. And it is pretty fun. I mean, it can’t get any better than this candidate. And there’s a grill up here on the second level as well. But at night, this is a great spot to get some good views of the night sky and your surrounding terrain, which is just absolutely beautiful.So now we can head inside of this front sliding door. And check out what this place is all about. When you walk in here, it feels like you’re just walking into a tiny modern house. Some houseboats have the boat feel.

This is huge and comfy on the left side. You have a dining table over here. Then you have this counter divider right here. And then now we’re into the kitchen space, you have everything you need in this kitchen space as you’d have on a typical house on the land. But this one’s entirely on water. You have a sink with running water, hot and cold. You also have a microwave up here. And you have a stovetop right here if you need to cook anything. Then, of course, you have a fridge and a freezer over here, blended right into the cabinets, which looks beautiful, I think. You’re not missing out on any luxuries while you’re on the water, which blows my mind. I believe that is so cool. And then, in the cabinets, you have your pots and pans and everything you need to cook with.

So that is very nice as well

And then on the other side, there is your living room space, you have this beautiful brown couch right in the middle, you have the map of the lake you’re on the right above it. So this is the shape of it. It looks pretty neat. And then there’s your ladder wooden ladder right here that leads up to your loft space. Yes, this is a tiny house. You got to have a loft space up here. So whenever the boat is maybe Swain, the sliding doors will go everywhere, which doesn’t say much because the water is pretty calm. This is your first bedroom. It’s this bed in this little nook area and super comfy. You have a window right here to look out into the beautiful views. And then across from this is your bathroom; you walk through this door and have a full bathroom in here.

A sink your vanity, your toilet right here, it does flush like a standard toilet, it just gets stored underneath the boat it doesn’t shoot out into the water which you might be concerned about. And then your shower right over here. Like I said, hot and cold water. And this is just a typical bathroom, and it’s very nice to have while you’re out in the water. We’ll walk out of that. And now the last thing is I would say the main bedroom space you have another bed back here, but there’s a little more space to walk around and even storage underneath the bed if needed. You have a nice stand street side. There’s even a closet across from the bed over here. You will put it up. Guest Tiny House on the Water.

Right now, they have a bunch of life jackets and everything in here, Guest Tiny House on the Water

But this is where you can store all your stuff. And then you have your sliding door that leads out into your back deck space which has just the generator back here, some life jackets and some pool noodles, and of course, the engine that makes this boat move. So that’s all back here. We spent most of retirement in the front deck area, though. So that is your tiny house on the water. This houseboat is located in Tennessee. See, and the hosts are super friendly. Now I know houseboats are pretty famous, but this one takes it up on the next level. I would say I’ve been in some houseboats myself. I highly suggest it. Did you like the houseboat? Is this something you’d like to see more of, or do you want me to stay on land? Anyway, I’ll see you next week. Guest Tiny House on the Water.

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