2009 Bentley Continental GT Review

There are so many Companies in the world who have gained the top most position in the automotive world and have positioned major placement in the eyes of the people. One of such huge companies with greater reliance and faith of the people is the Bentley. Bentley is well known for making the luxurious coups and sedans that makes the world cherished and crazier.

This time Bentley has launched the car that can never be said a car as it is the rocking and shocking innovative idea that is truly smashing. The Continental GT is introduced with huge characters and large features. It’s the wonder car with elegance and also the soberness that is mind blowing even after having such a big size. Let’s check some of the features of the car that make the world stunned with performance and stylish nature.

Bentley Continental GT  Style:

The exterior of the car is splendid and also it has drastic features of sharper shapes and dazzling designs. Bentley is famous for making the rider wondered with wonderful experiences. The look of the car is having all the unique and distinctive features that are sufficient enough to seduce any of the viewers. The eye-catchy features of the car are the halogen type headlights that enlighten the car with loud lights. These are the tools that are making the car a decorative car. Even the wheels are enhancing the outer beauty of the car as they are giant 19 inch taller and giving the car a supreme look with efficient and energetic exteriors.

There are two models introduced at the same time with the names of Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible that are having so many different features but possessing one similarity of rich beauty and massive marvellous look of the car. There is the front grille added to the Continental GTC line-up that was lacking in previous models. This grille is making huge impact on the frontal beauty. This grille helps lot in having larger air intake in the car. This makes the engine quite chilled and also it makes the engine more efficient to conserve the fuels while driving.

There are four round headlamps in the back side of the car and all of them are covered with chrome bezel surroundings. The top most features that makes the car quite special is the convertible feature!! It is one of the most inviting features as these convertibles are quite famous in the youths and also the youngsters follow them with high prosperities. The most attractive feature of this convertible sedan is that it takes just 25 seconds to close or open the convertible top which is highly surprising as this could be the record breaking speed ever. The rear suspension of the car is modified with intensive care and cracking attitude. This change in the rear back fold gives the car glimpse of complete flat and sleeker profile.

Bentley Continental GT Interior:

Interior of the car is quite lavish and luxurious as it has got some of the legs and chrome widely wondered with wooden trim and also having the wider and whispering twin-binnacle dash. Interior colour is being adjusted with the convertible top colour and is definitely giving glorious look with the contrast of wooden trims.

The charm of the Bentley Continental GT is increased highly by the design and making of the classy cabin. The cabin is made of marvellous and shiny metal accents, royal rich wood trims along with the softer leather. This luxurious leather look gives the car leisure look and royality that is hardly seen in any of the other car. The moment you step into the car, it’s purely a heavenly feeling and the interior of the car pushes to the paradise pleasures!!

Special features of the car include the push-pulp vent controls and also the breath-taking 17 different and dashing colour combinations. The luxuries offered in the cars are the veneers that are clustered and decorated by the unbleached and laser cut-wood therapy. This is still upgraded with leather-wrapped upholstered interiors. This is completely innovative and inviting to the people.

Bentley Continental GT Safety:

Safety is the hard hitting issue of recent days as the numbers of accidents and the lives that are being sacrificed in these accidents are ever increasing. But, Bentley has never overlooked this sector and all the previous models have witnessed this funda. The Continental is full of so many security measures like the pack jam of airbags that relives the shocks of sudden brakes and accidents. These airbags are placed at all the possibly accidental places like the front, side and also beside the curtains. So, not only the driver or the front seaters protected but also the rear seaters are given protection.

Safety issues of the cars are the availabilities of anti-lock brakes, traction and stability controls and also the all-wheel drive. These are the different features that make the car protective against any of the possible causes of damage. There is also the facility of rear-view camera in the car that makes the driver and front seaters aware of the conditions of the car!!

The car is also having the electronic stability controller along with the HID headlamps that are attached with the washers that increases the visibilities and also the anti-lock system of brakes are even available to produce larger brake assist to the drivers.

The roof line is quite impressive also the larger side windows and distortion-free glass are the additional extra-ordinary features of the classic car!!

2009  bentley  continental gt


The 2009 Bentley Continental GT is a lavish and luxurious coupe with lavish livings and also the mechanism of folding roof and door sealing with just a single button pressing are the dynamic features. Also the rear view cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, air suspension with electric system are the touchiest features of the Sedan.

In all the sectors, this car is behaving as the leader and so therefore can be counted as one of the most rocking and seductive cars available these days. After all, there should be no compromise with the quality, safety, outlook and the mechanism that are of the top quality in the Bentley Continental GT!!

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